that lasts.

Fully Finished
Donut Portfolio

When cravings strike, you’ll be ready
with donuts that stay fresh for at
least 2X longer than other bakery options.

Deliver All Day
Donut Delight.

There’s nothing more eye-catching than a fresh display of donuts. Keep your display full and looking picture-perfect all day long with Rich’s Fully Finished Donut Portfolio – the superior stability option that stays fresher, longer. With our exclusive extended shelf-life recipes, and stable glaze and icing that lasts for days, you’ll deliver on the quality, taste and visual appeal that make donuts irresistible – all while reducing waste and saving on time and labor.


52% Lift in Sales when the Bakery
Case was Full vs. Partially Full.

Source: Explorer Bakery Case Simulation Study 2020

Shoppers note freshness as the most important
quality when buying bakery items.

Source: Invoke Bakery Study 2021


Fully Finished Favorites.

A sample of our Fully Finished Donut Portfolio available in clamshell and tray pack solutions.

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