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The products you need. The insight you rely on. At Rich’s, we offer a valuable variety of foodservice products for all of your culinary creations. From toppings and baked goods to appetizers and beverages, we have gluten-free, all-natural and organic options to satisfy any consumer demand.

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5 IN PROOF & BAKE SHEETED PIZZA DOUGH WHOLE GRAIN RICH #00577 2.5 OZ 150 Pre-cut sheeted dough designed to thaw, proof, fill, and bake.
4" WHOLE GRAIN RICH MINI FLAT 192/1 OZ #00828 4.5 OZ 48 A 1 ounce equivalent whole grain rich miniature flatbread, perfect for sliders!
ON TOP® ORIGINAL WHIPPED TOPPING #02559 16 OZ 12 Pre-whipped topping with a light, creamy texture. Top, fill or layer hot and cold applications. Packaged in 16 oz pastry bag with decorator tip and easy-open seal.
READY TO FINISH YEAST RAISED DONUT HOLE ENRICHED WITH WHOLE GRAIN #02725 0.41 OZ 384 Whole grain yeast donut holes made with enriched whole grain flour.
PROOF & BAKE TRADITIONAL CINNAMON ROLL DOUGH OVAL #03439 2.25 OZ 120 Traditional cinnamon roll with moist sweet dough a hint of spice and swirls of mild sweet cinnamon paste good quality roll at a great price.
PROOF & BAKE TRADITIONAL CINNAMON ROLL DOUGH PETITE OVAL #03480 1.25 OZ 240 Small traditional cinnamon roll with moist sweet dough a hint of spice and swirls of mild sweet cinnamon paste good quality roll at a great price.
TRIPLE CHOCOLATE FILLED COOKIE BAKED IW MADE WITH HERSHEY'S® CHIPS 1.7OZ #03593 1.7 OZ 120 Can you say chocolate?! A delicious chocolate cookie packed with Hershey's chocolate chips and stuffed with a gooey chocolate fudge filling. Fully baked and individually wrapped for optimal convenience, each cookie is smart snack compliant and a 1oz grain equivalency.
CULINARY SOLUTIONS PREMIUM CUSTARD BASE LIQUID #03869 32 OZ 12 Formerly known as Creme Brulee. Perfect for creme brulee, seasonal custards, pies, beverages and sauces.
CULINARY SOLUTIONS FLAN LIQUID #03883 2 LB 12 Premium flan mix. Try it with Rich’s® Caramel Sauce, and be sure to ask about our other Hispanic products.
SIMPLY WHEAT DINNER ROLL DOUGH #04300 1.5 OZ 240 Soft dinner roll made with crushed wheat with a denser texture and darker color. Proof and bake format. Free from HFCS and artificial flavors and colors. Bulk packed.
14 IN PARBAKED PIZZA CRUST WHITE WHEAT #04647 18 OZ 12 A par-baked crust prepared using high protein Whole White wheat product. Product has a light baked color with no toast marks on top and no grill marks on the bottom.
PROOF & BAKE DINNER ROLL DOUGH WITH WHOLE GRAIN #05295 2.1 OZ 180 Soft wheat dinner roll. Made with whole grains and honey for a sweeter flavor profile. Retarder-to-oven format.
HANDI-SPLIT BISCUIT DOUGH ROUND #06063 2.2 OZ 240 Round biscuit dough with a more mild subtle flavor golden color and crispy coating. Split in half for operator convenience. Contains zero grams trans fat per serving.
UBR® CINNAMON ULTIMATE BREAKFAST ROUND DOUGH 2.5OZ #07816 2.5 OZ 140 A hearty and great tasting 2.5 oz chewy round breakfast/snack item made with 100 whole grain zero trans fat and with a good source of fiber. Cinnamon and Brown Sugar flavor.
GLUTEN-FREE HONEY MULTIGRAIN BREAD #07965 15 OZ 8 Gluten-free multigrain bread made with real honey and whole grains. Packaged in bags 8 slices/bag 1.875 oz unit weight. Fully baked format. Certified by GFCO (Gluten-Free Certification Organization).
RICH'S® WHIP TOPPING® NON-DAIRY #08011 2 LB 12 Liquid, non-dairy topping in an easy-to-use, 2 lb carton. Customize desserts with a classic flavor. Thaw, pour and whip for sweet fillings and toppings. Whips up to 4 times its volume. Kosher pareve.
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