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20330_grid_image 4" FRENCH ROUND, SLICED #20330 3 OZ 90 Sliced for convenience, this French roll has a thin, crisp crust and sturdy heel perfect for sandwiches and upscale burgers.
22218_grid_image 4" FRENCH SANDWICH ROUND #22218 3 OZ 90 A deep-scored French roll perfect for gourmet sandwiches or upscale burgers with a thin, crunchy crust and sturdy heel for heavy fillings.
23090_grid_image 4" POTATO BUN, SLICED #23090 2.6 OZ 72 Light and airy, this classic roll is made with potato flour, which helps to hold moisture in to keep the bun soft and pliable. Sliced for convenience, it is a perfect alternative for any burger or sandwich creation.
20320_grid_image 6" PREMIUM WHITE CIABATTA #20320 3.5 OZ 72 A crusty ciabatta with an open, airy interior and ideal shape for an upscale alternative to subs and hoagie rolls.
22201_grid_image 7.5" FRENCH SANDWICH LONG #22201 3.25 OZ 72 The ideal canvas for individually sized sandwiches, baked from classic French dough for a crisp crust and soft interior.
23045_grid_image ALOHA BRIOCHE BUN 4.25", SLICED #23045 3.4 OZ 60 A soft, slightly sweet bun with golden interior, sturdy heel and classic glossy sheen, pre-sliced for convenience.
21531_grid_image ARTISAN CAULIFLOWER CIABATTA SANDWICH ROLL 80/2.6 OZ #21531 2.6 OZ 80 A delicious, easy to use, savory plant-based parbaked sandwich roll that is packed with real cauliflower and doesn't sacrifice on taste.
18681_grid_image ARTISAN CIABATTA SANDWICH BREAD #18681 4.5 OZ 42 Artisan Ciabatta Roll offered in 4.5 oz servings, turn any sandwich or burger into a gourmet offering with this sandwich carrier.
18827_grid_image ARTISAN WHOLEGRAIN SANDWICH BREAD #18827 5.5 OZ 42 Wholegrain Rich Artisan Sandwich Roll offered in 5.5 oz servings, turn any sandwich or burger into a gourmet offering with this sandwich carrier.
18815_grid_image BAGUETTE SANDWICH ROLLS #18815 11.25 OZ 32 Artisan French Baguette offered in 11.25 oz loaves, long, thin loaves of French bread commonly made from basic lean dough.
29319_grid_image BAKED BUN BRIOCHE #29319 3 OZ 80 True brioche bun, soft and light-textured bread made with eggs and butter. Fully baked format.
23027_grid_image BRIOCHE STYLE HAMBURGER BUN #23027 3 OZ 72 A light, flavorful bun with soft crust and sturdy heel to stand up to beefy burgers and substantial sandwiches, pre-sliced for convenience.
18844_grid_image DUTCH CRUNCH SANDWICH ROLLS #18844 6.5 OZ 48 Dutch Crunch Artisan Sandwich Roll offered in 6.5 oz servings, turn any sandwich or burger into a gourmet offering with this sandwich carrier.
84327_grid_image FOCACCIA BUN-SLICED #84327 2.65 OZ 60 Rustic savory Italian flatbread with open and airy crumb and pale crust. Made with olive oil yeast notes and Italian seasonings. Oval-shaped and sliced approx. 5.8in long by 4.8in wide. Fully baked format.
23023_grid_image FRENCH ALPINE 48 CT #23023 4.5 OZ 48 Classic French-style bread with hand-scored crust, soft interior and wide shape for bulky sandwiches in a convenient 48-count case size.
22291_grid_image FRENCH ALPINE 64CT #22291 4.5 OZ 64 Created for generously sized sandwiches, this classic French-style bread offers a delicious crispy bite and moist interior.
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