Bar-B-Q Pork with Green Apples and Cabbage on French Sub

A southern take on the submarine sandwich. Sweet honey mustard dresses a crunchy cabbage and tart appleslaw - the perfect counterpoint to rich barbecued pulled pork.


1 Each Baked French Sub Roll
1 tsp. Butter
6 oz Hickory Smoked Pork Barbecue In Our "traditional Style" Barbecue Sauce (#07966)
3 C Shredded Cabbage
3/4 C Gala Or Pink Lady Green Apple Julienne With Skin
3/4 C Carrots, Julienne
3/4 C Honey Mustard
3 tsp. Cracked Black Pepper


Mix green cabbage, apple julienne, carrot julienne, honey mustard dressing, and black pepper together in a separate bowl. Set aside for use later as Apple Honey Mustard Slaw.
Bake roll according to package directions. Once cool, split bun and spread with butter. Toast on a flattop or griddle until golden brown.
Heat pulled pork and spoon onto bottom half of sub roll. Top with slaw, close sandwich.
1 portion