Savory Vegetable Spreads

The Veggies.

Sandwiches. Grain bowls. Over-the-top toast. Salads. Flatbread apps. No matter what you’re cooking up, it can all be enhanced by the plant-based flavor of Rich’s Veggie Spreads. With simple thaw-and-serve handling and the flexibility to be enjoyed every which way – from on their own as a dip to a unique sauce on an entrée – Veggie Spreads are your single solution powering your menu with plants.


Consumers consider plant-based
foods better for the planet and
better for their health.

Datassentials IFMA, 2020

What does plant-based mean at Rich’s?

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The Future of Food
is Here – and Hungry.

Meet the kids with an appetite for the
next generation of Plant-Based food.

Most consumers are trying to
infuse more veggies into their diets.

OnePoll Survey, 2020

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