Christie Cookie Co.

One Bite and
You’ll Understand

Decades of perfection in every bite.

Is there anything better than biting into a perfectly baked cookie? Our gourmet cookies are baked fresh to ensure that heart-warming quality in every bite. We love what we do, and we make every cookie like we’re making it for our own family. Each batch is handcrafted with real ingredients and generous helpings of the good stuff by folks who understand the importance of originality. You can almost taste the love in each delectable treat.

Real. Simple. Delicious.

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Taste that’s truly memorable.

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8-Pack Retail-Ready

Bulk Trays 1.45 oz

Bulk Trays 2.5 oz


Product Code Product Name Case Count Unit Weight Shelf Life

Individually Wrapped

Product Code Product Name Case Count Unit Weight Shelf Life
Code78245 Namechristie cookie co triple chocolate blonde cookie baked individually wrapped 2.5oz Case/Pack72 Weight2.5 OZ Shelf Life365 DAYS


With cookies as far as the eye can see, where should you start? We can help you navigate our comprehensive portfolio with an interactive and fun cookie questionnaire. By answering a few questions about your operation, we take the guess-work out of selecting the right cookie choice for you.