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80050_grid_image F'REAL BLEND & SERVE CHOCOLATE SHAKE #80050 0.71 LB 12 Thick, creamy and full of cocoa flavor, our chocolate milkshake is ready to satisfy in just 40 seconds.
80055_grid_image F'REAL BLEND & SERVE COFFEE FRAPPE #80055 0.68 LB 12 Rich, 100% Arabica coffee is blended into our frosty frappe cup. Customize with caramel or chocolate syrup, whipped topping, and cocoa shavings for signature iced coffee drinks.
80054_grid_image F'REAL BLEND & SERVE MANGO SMOOTHIE #80054 0.72 LB 12 Our frozen mango smoothie is made with chunks of real, juicy mango. Keep it fruit-forward or mix in a little tequila and lime juice for a frosty mango margarita.
80081_grid_image F'REAL BLEND & SERVE OREO SHAKE #80081 0.71 LB 12 Premium vanilla ice cream, chocolate cookie pieces and sweet cream icing are blended into a thick, decadent cookies ‘n cream shake.
80053_grid_image F'REAL BLEND & SERVE STRAWBERRY BANANA SMOOTHIE #80053 0.72 LB 12 Sweet, red strawberries and rich, fruity bananas blend up in less than a minute for a cold and satisfying smoothie.
80052_grid_image F'REAL BLEND & SERVE STRAWBERRY SHAKE #80052 0.72 LB 12 Bursting with berry flavor and summertime memories, our strawberry shake is made with real strawberry puree for the perfect blend of smooth, fruity fun any time of year.
80036_grid_image F'REAL BLEND & SERVE VANILLA SHAKE NATURAL & ARTIFICIALLY FLAVORED #80036 0.72 LB 12 Made with real sweet cream and plenty of rich vanilla flavor, serve these vanilla shakes as-is, or add flavors, colors, particulates and more.
80043_grid_image F'REAL MADE TO ORDER SHAKE BASE #80043 0.645 LB 12 Our milkshake base is a starting point for a wide variety of possibilities. Customize your shakes with flavored syrups, purees, alcohol, inclusions, and toppings for a unique treat.
80045_grid_image F'REAL MADE TO ORDER SMOOTHIE BASE #80045 0.57 LB 12 Our frozen smoothie base lets your consumers make their own choices of fruit, supplements, protein and more for a nearly endless array of guilt-free refreshments.
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