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Cheesecakes - 9 in

Round out your dessert menu offerings with Rich’s 9 inch round cheesecakes. Available in ready to serve and ready to finish formats.

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Product Product Code Master Unit Size Case Pack Description
JON DONAIRE 9IN CLASSIC CHEESECAKE 16 SLICE #00221 40 OZ 6 Velvety smooth cheesecake on a delicious graham crust
JON DONAIRE 9IN VARIETY CHEESECAKE 16-SLICE #00222 40 OZ 6 Caramel Apple - Strawberry Swirl - Triple Chocolate - Classic
JON DONAIRE 9IN STRAWBERRY SWIRL CHEESECAKE 16 SLICE CREAMSTYLE #00223 40 OZ 6 Rich, creamy cheesecake swirled with sweet strawberry puree on a graham crust
JON DONAIRE 9" FRUIT VARIETY CHEESECAKE 16-SLICE CREAMSTYLE #00225 40 OZ 6 Strawberry – Peach - Wild Berry - Lemon
JON DONAIRE 9" CHOCOLATE VARIETY CHEESECAKE 16-SLICE CREAMSTYLE #00299 40 OZ 6 Chocolate Chip - Tuxedo - Triple Chocolate - Chocolate Marble
9IN 14-SLICE MONSTER NEW YORK-STYLE CHEESECAKE #01341 98 OZ 2 This classic, firm and rich cream cheese filling is baked 3" tall into our shortbread cookie crumb crust
JON DONARE 9IN VARIETY CHEESECAKE 12 SLICE BAKED NEW YORK STYLE #13716 40 OZ 6 Wildberry - Caramel Turtle - White Chocolate flavored Raspberry - Baked New York Style
JON DONAIRE 9" VARIETY CHEESECAKE #49572 56 OZ 4 9" cream-style cheesecake made up of 3 slices of each Triple Chocolate, Strawberry Swirl, Tuxedo and White Chocolate flavored Raspberry. 12 slices/cake
JON DONAIRE 9 IN CHEESECAKE 12-SLICE BAKED NEW YORK STYLE STRAWBERRY SWIRL #61027 56 OZ 4 Smooth cream cheese base, swirled with strawberry preserves, all on a buttery graham cracker crust.
JON DONAIRE 9" FRUIT VARIETY CHEESECAKE #61034 56 OZ 4 White chocolate flavored raspberry - peach cobbler - apple streusel - strawberry swirl.
JON DONAIRE 9 IN CHEESECAKE 10-SLICE BIG NEW YORKER #61047 80 OZ 4 Classic flavored gourmet New York Style cheesecake on a thick crunchy crust
JD 9" WHITE CHOC FLVRD RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE - 12 SLICE BAKED NY STYLE #66900 56 OZ 4 Cream cheese and white chocolate flavored cheesecake, swirled with raspberry puree and finished with a white chocolate flavored drizzle on a buttery graham cracker crust
JON DONAIRE 9" HOMESTYLE CHEESECAKE - UNCUT #66910 48 OZ 8 Extra creamy and smooth creamstyle cheesecake on a graham cracker crust
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