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22201_grid_image 7.5" FRENCH SANDWICH LONG #22201 3.25 OZ 72 The ideal canvas for individually sized sandwiches, baked from classic French dough for a crisp crust and soft interior.
20817_grid_image ASSORTED DINNER ROLLS 1.25OZ #20817 1.25 OZ 150 Authentic flavor and texture with none of the hassle. Reduce waste by baking only what you need. Classic Favorite Flavors conveniently packaged in one box to please everyone!
22213_grid_image ASSORTED DINNER ROLLS 240CT #22213 1.25 OZ 240 A variety of traditional recipes baked carefully for a crisp crust and soft interior.
29319_grid_image BAKED BUN BRIOCHE #29319 3 OZ 80 True brioche bun, soft and light-textured bread made with eggs and butter. Fully baked format.
22553_grid_image CLASSIC SOURDOUGH DINNER ROLL #22553 1.5 OZ 150 Classic Sourdough Dinner rolls have a mild sour flavor, with a soft interior and crispy crust. Perfect for pairing with your meal, in a convenient 1.5 oz size.
22510_grid_image CROWN BRETON #22510 5.2 OZ 34 Ideal for sharing, this unique crown-shaped roll made from classic French dough is hand cut for a distinct rustic appearance.
84327_grid_image FOCACCIA BUN-SLICED #84327 2.65 OZ 60 Rustic savory Italian flatbread with open and airy crumb and pale crust. Made with olive oil yeast notes and Italian seasonings. Oval-shaped and sliced approx. 5.8in long by 4.8in wide. Fully baked format.
23023_grid_image FRENCH ALPINE 48 CT #23023 4.5 OZ 48 Classic French-style bread with hand-scored crust, soft interior and wide shape for bulky sandwiches in a convenient 48-count case size.
22291_grid_image FRENCH ALPINE 64CT #22291 4.5 OZ 64 Created for generously sized sandwiches, this classic French-style bread offers a delicious crispy bite and moist interior.
22203_grid_image FRENCH PETIT PAIN #22203 1.75 OZ 144 Perfectly portioned for individual servings, these versatile breads are ideal for mini sandwiches and bread baskets.
20324_grid_image FRENCH SUB GRAND #20324 5.9 OZ 36 This classic French bread is ideal for extra-large sandwiches, pizzas, garlic bread, or can be served sliced for bread baskets.
20325_grid_image FRENCH SUB ROLL 9" #20325 4.25 OZ 64 Baked from classic French dough with wide scores, this versatile roll is ideal for sandwiches, pizzas and appetizers.
45057_grid_image FULLY BAKED CLASSIC SLICED BUN BRIOCHE 4 IN #45057 2.4 OZ 72 A classic brioche bun, fully baked and sliced, with a golden brown egg washed exterior and a slightly sweet, soft, moist interior.
70030_grid_image FULLY BAKED SLICED BUN WHEAT 12 IN SUBMARINE #70030 6 OZ 60 Soft Style 12 inch Wheat Sub Bun, baked and pre-sliced
70029_grid_image FULLY BAKED SLICED BUN WHITE 12 IN SUBMARINE #70029 6 OZ 60 Fully baked white 12" sub bun with a thin softer crust and light internal structure. Fully sliced with a unique score on the top of each bun.
87839_grid_image PARBAKED FRENCH PETIT PAIN ROLL #87839 2 OZ 140 A light and crusty dinner roll with soft interior texture approx. 4.5in long. Par-baked format.
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