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#PlantBased foods. More than half of consumers are opting for Plant-Based foods as a way to incorporate more unprocessed or minimally processed foods into their diets. Rich’s has the products you need to please everyone. Create green, clean, in-demand cuisine with our versatile, easy-to-use and delicious plant-based solutions.

Plant-Based Products

Rich Products has convenient solutions for customers to fulfill consumer demand for delicious, plant-based options.


How Rich’s Is Helping Foodservice Professionals Create Plant-Based Menu Items

The power of plant-based is growing. Hear more from one of our experts, Julie Altobello, Senior Marketing Manager of Health and Authenticity, and learn about the latest in plant-based from Rich’s.

Plant-based Definitions & Guidelines

What is Plant-Based?
Plant-Based is a term used to describe products made from plant-derived ingredients like vegetables, legumes, fruits and whole grains. The landscape ranges from foods leading with craveable vegetables and limited or no animal ingredients to foods that are designed to substitute for animal-based options like meat or dairy.

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