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Say cheesecake. Whether it’s a creamy fruit-infused cheesecake or a decadent chocolate delight, we have the cheesecake variety your consumers crave. As a “top five” favorite dessert from coast-to-coast, sweet seekers shouldn’t be limited — so we offer everyone’s favorites including cream-style, baked and wet baked.

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Product Product Code Master Unit Size Case Pack Description
JON DONAIRE 9IN CLASSIC CHEESECAKE 16 SLICE #00221 40 OZ 6 Velvety smooth cheesecake on a delicious graham crust
JON DONAIRE 9IN VARIETY CHEESECAKE 16-SLICE #00222 40 OZ 6 Caramel Apple - Strawberry Swirl - Triple Chocolate - Classic
JON DONAIRE 9IN STRAWBERRY SWIRL CHEESECAKE 16 SLICE CREAMSTYLE #00223 40 OZ 6 Rich, creamy cheesecake swirled with sweet strawberry puree on a graham crust
JON DONAIRE 9" FRUIT VARIETY CHEESECAKE 16-SLICE CREAMSTYLE #00225 40 OZ 6 Strawberry – Peach - Wild Berry - Lemon
JON DONAIRE 9" CHOCOLATE VARIETY CHEESECAKE 16-SLICE CREAMSTYLE #00299 40 OZ 6 Chocolate Chip - Tuxedo - Triple Chocolate - Chocolate Marble
9IN 14-SLICE MONSTER NEW YORK-STYLE CHEESECAKE #01341 98 OZ 2 This classic, firm and rich cream cheese filling is baked 3" tall into our shortbread cookie crumb crust
OUR SPECIALTY® SIMPLY 6 IN CHEESECAKE 8-SLICE NEW YORK STYLE #03513 24 OZ 8 Creamy, smooth and classic cheesecake with a crumbled graham cracker crust made with authentic ingredients
JON DONAIRE 10 IN CHEESECAKE 16-SLICE BAKED NEW YORK STYLE #08314 80 OZ 4 10" baked cheesecake on a golden graham crust. Zero grams trans fat per serving. 16 slices/cake
JON DONARE 9IN VARIETY CHEESECAKE 12 SLICE BAKED NEW YORK STYLE #13716 40 OZ 6 Wildberry - Caramel Turtle - White Chocolate flavored Raspberry - Baked New York Style
10 IN CHEESECAKE 16-SLICE RICOTTA TORCIGLIONI #29612 96 OZ 2 10" classic cream-style cheesecake made with sweet ricotta cheese on an Italian cookie crust. 16 slices/cake
JON DONAIRE® 10" CREAMSTYLE CHEESECAKE 16-SLICE #31785 64 OZ 4 A delicious cinnamon graham cracker crust filled with our classic, creamy and smooth cream cheese filling and baked to perfection
JON DONAIRE 10" CHEESECAKE 16-SLICE BAKED NEW YORK STYLE #35885 80 OZ 4 Classic cream cheese filling baked on a buttery graham cracker crust
JON DONAIRE 9" VARIETY CHEESECAKE #49572 56 OZ 4 9" cream-style cheesecake made up of 3 slices of each Triple Chocolate, Strawberry Swirl, Tuxedo and White Chocolate flavored Raspberry. 12 slices/cake
JON DONAIRE OREO CHEESECAKE SINGLE SLICE #61018 3.25 OZ 24 Made with chunks of real OREO® cookies
JON DONAIRE 9 IN CHEESECAKE 12-SLICE BAKED NEW YORK STYLE STRAWBERRY SWIRL #61027 56 OZ 4 Smooth cream cheese base, swirled with strawberry preserves, all on a buttery graham cracker crust.
JON DONAIRE 9" FRUIT VARIETY CHEESECAKE #61034 56 OZ 4 White chocolate flavored raspberry - peach cobbler - apple streusel - strawberry swirl.
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