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Say cheesecake. Whether it’s a creamy fruit-infused cheesecake or a decadent chocolate delight, we have the cheesecake variety your consumers crave. As a “top five” favorite dessert from coast-to-coast, sweet seekers shouldn’t be limited — so we offer everyone’s favorites including cream-style, baked and wet baked.

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Product Product Code Master Unit Size Case Pack Description
JON DONAIRE 9IN VARIETY CHEESECAKE 16-SLICE #00222 40.0 OZ 6 Caramel Apple - Strawberry Swirl - Triple Chocolate - Classic
JON DONAIRE 10 IN CHEESECAKE 16-SLICE BAKED NEW YORK STYLE #08314 80.0 OZ 4 10" baked cheesecake on a golden graham crust. Zero grams trans fat per serving. 16 slices/cake
JON DONAIRE 10" CHEESECAKE 16-SLICE BAKED NEW YORK STYLE #35885 80.0 OZ 4 Classic cream cheese filling baked on a buttery graham cracker crust
JON DONAIRE CLASSIC AND STRAWBERRY SWIRL CHEESECAKE TWIN PACK #61201 8.0 OZ 12 The rich, irresistible dessert that's sure to please
JON DONAIRE OREO CHEESECAKE SINGLE SLICE #61018 3.25 OZ 24 Made with chunks of real OREO cookies
JON DONAIRE® 10" CREAMSTYLE CHEESECAKE 16-SLICE #31785 64.0 OZ 4 A delicious cinnamon graham cracker crust filled with our classic, creamy and smooth cream cheese filling and baked to perfection
JON DONAIRE® BAKED NEW YORK STYLE CHEESECAKE SINGLE SLICE #61053 3.5 OZ 24 This classic, firm and rich cream cheese filling is baked into our buttery graham cracker crust
JON DONARE 9IN VARIETY CHEESECAKE 12 SLICE BAKED NEW YORK STYLE #13716 40.0 OZ 6 Wildberry - Caramel Turtle - White Chocolate flavored Raspberry - Baked New York Style
MINI CHEESECAKE #98242 42.0 OZ 3 Single-serve rich smooth and creamy cheesecake with no crust. Uncut.
OUR SPECIALTY® SIMPLY 6 IN CHEESECAKE 8-SLICE NEW YORK STYLE #03513 24.0 OZ 8 Creamy, smooth and classic cheesecake with a crumbled graham cracker crust made with authentic ingredients
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