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You have the diners. We have the dough. Choose from classic dinner rolls, savory appetizer rolls and sweet dessert rolls — all in proof-and-bake format. Let’s roll.

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Product Product Code Master Unit Size Case Pack Description
08862_grid_image BOLILLO ROLL DOUGH #08862 3 OZ 168 Bolillo roll dough.
18157_grid_image CAULIFLOWER SANDWICH ROLL DOUGH #18157 2.5 OZ 160 Subtle cauliflower flavor blended into the traditional light and fluffy comfort of a sandwich roll.
17243_grid_image CHEESE HAMBURGER ROLL DOUGH #17243 2.15 OZ 218 Soft hamburger roll dough with cheese mixed in dough approx. 6" long. Proof-and-bake format.
13416_grid_image CHEESE SWIRL ROLL DOUGH #13416 4 OZ 120 A unique cheese swirl roll dough. Each curl of the dough contains shredded cheddar cheese. Bakes off with a light bread texture with an abundance of cheese flavour.
12520_grid_image EGG ONION ROLL DOUGH #12520 2.95 OZ 96 Sandwich roll dough made with eggs and onions for a unique flavor and texture; approx. 4.25". Proof-and-bake format.
18155_grid_image FRENCH SUB ROLL DOUGH #18155 4.875 OZ 100 Light crusty sub roll approx. 9in in length. Proof-and-bake format.
03201_grid_image GOLDEN NUGGET DOUGH #03201 1.25 OZ 180 Rich dinner roll with creamy color. Square-shaped. Proof-and-bake format.
10988_grid_image MADE WITH WHOLE GRAIN DINNER ROLL DOUGH 1.25 OZ #10988 1.25 OZ 288 A dinner roll dough made with white whole wheat and a touch of honey to give it a lighter color and hint of sweetness.
03543_grid_image PETITE FRENCH ROLL DOUGH #03543 1.35 OZ 180 A small light crusty yeast-raised slider roll with a soft interior texture.
02432_grid_image PROOF & BAKE BOLILLO ROLL DOUGH WHEAT #02432 3 OZ 168 Wheat bolillo roll dough.
11308_grid_image PROOF & BAKE BUN DOUGH WHEAT HAMBURGER #11308 2 OZ 180 Soft wheat hamburger roll dough approx. 3.75in. Proof-and-bake format.
04183_grid_image PROOF & BAKE CLUB ROLL DOUGH #04183 2.25 OZ 180 Soft oval-shaped sandwich roll dough approx. 5in long. Proof-and-bake format.
03301_grid_image PROOF & BAKE COUNTRY STYLE DINNER ROLL DOUGH WHEAT #03301 1.5 OZ 240 Soft dinner roll made with whole grains and honey for a sweeter flavor profile. Proof-and-bake format.
04087_grid_image PROOF & BAKE DELUXE BUN DOUGH SANDWICH #04087 2 OZ 240 Soft round sandwich roll dough. Proof-and-bake format.
03295_grid_image PROOF & BAKE DELUXE FRENCH ROLL DOUGH #03295 2.5 OZ 180 Soft round sandwich roll dough approx. 3.75in x 2.5in. Proof-and-bake format.
08790_grid_image PROOF & BAKE DELUXE FRENCH ROLL DOUGH SUBMARINE #08790 6 OZ 60 Light crusty sub roll approx. 11in in length. Proof-and-bake format.
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