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03395_grid_image 1/2 SHEET SPONGE CAKE #03395 3.52 LB 6 1/2 Sheet Sponge Cake (6/56.3 Z.)
00405_grid_image 1/4 VANILLA PRESOAKED SPONGE CAKE ARTIFICIALLY FLAVORED #00405 3.74 LB 8 1/4 sheet presoaked yellow flavored cake layer with a light, moist texture and a sweet flavor profile with vanilla notes.
62938_grid_image 8" ROUND PRESOAKED SINGLE LAYER SPONGE CAKE, VANILLA, ART FLV #62938 1.93 LB 9 8" vanilla flavored pre-soaked sponge cake. Artificially flavored.
63784_grid_image 8" ROUND UNICED SINGLE LAYER SPONGE CAKE #63784 0.7 LB 24 8" round sponge cake.
43623_grid_image FLAVOR RIGHT™ FESTEJOS™ READY-TO-USE TRES LECHES STYLE DESSERT MIX #43623 8 LB 4 Our Festejos is a ready to use, pourable mixture formulated to blend into any kind of case with less mess, time, and melt in the mouth consistent results. Just thaw, shake, and pour for a perfect Tres Leches style cake!
14219_grid_image OUR SPECIALTY TREAT SHOP™ 8" CHOCOLATE TRES LECHES STYLE CAKE N&A FLV #14219 41.976 OZ 4 Chocolate Tres Leches Style Cake. Naturally & artificially flavored soaked chocolate sponge cake with tres leches style syrup, topped with whipped icing and cake crumbs.
14214_grid_image OUR SPECIALTY TREAT SHOP™ 8" STRAWBERRY TRES LECHES STYLE CAKE ART FLV #14214 43.74 OZ 4 Our Specialty Treat Shop™ 8" Strawberry Tres Leches Style Cake. Artificially Flavored Soaked sponge cake topped with strawberry glaze and whipped icing.
06768_grid_image PRESOAKED / PREFILLED 2 LAYER 1/4 SHEET 120 PERCENT SOAKED SPONGE CAKE #06768 3.8 LB 6 Authentic two layer Tres Leches style soaked sponge cake filled with a light whipped filling that is perfect for any occasion
03103_grid_image TRES RICHES™ TRES LECHES STYLE DESSERT MIX #03103 8.8 LB 4 A thaw-and-use, three-milk-style dessert mix for signature Hispanic style dishes and desserts. Replaces three milk products with one, pre-blended solution. Packaged in pourable, 8.8 lb cartons.
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