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39116_grid_image CHRISTIE COOKIE CO CHOCOLATE CHUNK COOKIE DOUGH 2.5OZ #39116 2.5 OZ 150 All the gourmet semi-sweet chocolate chunks we could fit in a cookie, made perfect with a hint of brown sugar and pure bourbon vanilla.
39120_grid_image CHRISTIE COOKIE OATMEAL RAISIN COOKIE DOUGH 2.5OZ #39120 2.5 OZ 150 Delicious whole plump raisins, real oats and toffee candy pieces in this decadent cookie dough.
39153_grid_image CHRISTIE COOKIE PEANUT BUTTER FLAVORED CHIP COOKIE DOUGH 2.5OZ #39153 2.5 OZ 150 Chock full of luscious peanut butter flavored chips, real peanuts and toffee candy pieces, you’re going to need to take your milk quota, and double it for this decadent cookie dough.
39124_grid_image CHRISTIE COOKIE ROCKY ROAD COOKIE DOUGH 2.5OZ #39124 2.5 OZ 150 If five o’clock Friday had a flavor, this would be it. Indulgent chocolate medley of real white and semi-sweet chocolate chips, toffee candy pieces and real cocoa in this decadent cookie dough.
39165_grid_image CHRISTIE COOKIE SOUTHERN STYLE BUTTER PECAN COOKIE DOUGH 2.5 OZ #39165 2.5 OZ 150 It doesn't get more southern, or more delicious than this. Pecans and the perfect blend of real butter, toffee candy pieces and brown sugar. A whole pecan pie's goodness in one cookie dough.
39168_grid_image CHRISTIE COOKIE SUGAR SNICKERDOODLE COOKIE DOUGH 2.5 OZ #39168 2.6 OZ 150 Classic, sweet and buttery cookie dough. It’s the little black dress of the bakery, perfect for every occasion. Dress it up even more by topping with cinnamon.
39114_grid_image CHRISTIE COOKIE WHITE CHOCOLATE MACADAMIA COOKIE DOUGH 2.5OZ #39114 2.5 OZ 150 Never underestimate the power of a well-placed macadamia nut. This cookie dough has many of them, cozied up with delectable real white chocolate and toffee candy pieces.
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