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11055_grid_image ALLEN® COUNTRY CLASSIC CAKE BASE CARROT #11055 30 LB 1 Traditional carrot cake base. Packaged in 30 lb bag.
10675_grid_image ALLEN® FEATHERFLUFF® BROWNIE MIX #10675 50 LB 1 Brownie mix that is easy to use and produces quality browies and an affordable price. Packaged in 50 lb bag.
03615_grid_image ALLEN® LOV-N-MOIST® CAKE MIX N&A FLVRD CHOCOLATE #03615 38.5 LB 1 JWA Lov-N-Moist naturally & artificially flavored chocolate cake mix.
03616_grid_image ALLEN® LOV-N-MOIST® CAKE MIX WHITE ZERO TRANS FAT #03616 38.5 LB 1 JWA ZTF Lov-N-Moist white cake mix.
04077_grid_image ALLEN® STREUSEL MIX #04077 25 LB 1 Streusel topping mix. Packaged in 25-lb pail.
10625_grid_image ALLEN® TRIUMPH YEAST RAISED DONUT MIX #10625 50 LB 1 Easy to use yeast raised donut mix. Packaged in 50 lb bag.
10705_grid_image ALLEN® YRM-175 YEAST RAISED DONUT MIX #10705 50 LB 1 Donut mix designed for YRM-175 yeast. Packaged in 50 lb bag.
62835_grid_image CARAMEL FLAVORED SAUCE, ARTIFICIALLY FLAVORED #62835 10 LB 1 Artificially flavored caramel sauce typically used for making flan. Stays in liquid form so it drips over top of flan when served. Packaged in 10-lb container.
13245_grid_image EZ GARLIC SPREAD #13245 13 LB 1 EZ garlic spread.
25160_grid_image GARLIC SPREAD #25160 10.5 LB 1 Flavorful and well-balanced garlic spread. Packaged in 10.5 lb pail.
10584_grid_image JWA SPONGE CAKE MIX #10584 50 LB 1 High quality sponge cake mix that is both versitile and easy to use. Packaged in 50 lb bag.
41037_grid_image ONE-STEP MERINGUE MIX #41037 12 LB 1 Very easy to use, one-step meringue mix. Packaged in 12 lb pail.
68849_grid_image ONE-STEP MERINGUE MIX #68849 24 OZ 12 Very easy to use, one-step meringue mix. Packaged in 1.5 lb bags. 12 bags/case.
21151_grid_image STREUSEL CRUMBS #21151 30 LB 1 Traditional crumb topping used for baked goods. Packaged in 30 lb bag.
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