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The art of indulgence. Our specialty desserts use only the most divine ingredients to create something to satisfy every sweet tooth. Stuffed cookies, brownie bars, bundt cakes, puddings, parfaits, truffles and more, all ready-to-eat. The only difficulty is in choosing.

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Product Product Code Master Unit Size Case Pack Description
8 IN PRESOAKED TRIPLE LAYER TRES LECHES STYLE CAKE CARAMEL ROUND ART FLV #14216 43.0 OZ 4 Caramel Tres Leches Style Cake artificially flavored Soaked sponge cake with tres leches style syrup, topped with whipped icing and caramel
CARROT CAKE WITH CREAM CHEESE ICING CAKE SQUARE #08520 6.5 OZ 8 Carrot cake square with cream cheese icing
CHOCOLATE AND COOKIES 'N CREME CAKE TRUFFLES #18906 19.5 OZ 8 Chocolate and Cookies & Creme Variety Cake Truffles
CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH CHOCOLATE ICING CAKE SQUARE N&A FL #08523 6.0 OZ 8 Chocolate cake square with chocolate buttrcreme icing and rainbow sprinkles. Naturally & Artificially Flavored.
CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH VANILLA ICING CAKE SQUARE N&A FL #08521 5.8 OZ 8 Chocolate cake square with vanilla buttrcreme icing. Naturally & Artificially Flavored.
CHOCOLATE DESSERT DIPPERS #10396 5.1 OZ 18 Chocolate shortbread cookies with chocolate buttrcreme for dipping
COBBLER CRUST DOUGH SHEET #14138 1.0 LB 24 Flaky cobbler crust perfect for multiple applications and ideal for buffets. Contains zero trans fat per serving.
COCONUT CAKE WITH VANILLA ICING CAKE SQUARE N&A FL #08518 6.0 OZ 8 White cake square with vanilla icing and coconut flakes. Naturally & artificially flavored
COOKIES 'N CREME DESSERT DIPPERS #13281 3.3 OZ 18 Chocolate Shortbread Cookies with Cookies ‘N Creme Whipped Icing made with Oreo® Cookie pieces.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups #16613 2.3 OZ 48 Rich delicious chocolate chip cookies baked and ready to serve in a unique, fillable shape
OUR SPECIALTY BANANA PUDDING PARFAIT CUP N&A FLAVORED #18215 5.0 OZ 8 Banana pudding parfait naturally & artificially flavored with graham cracker crumb, banana crème filling, banana mousse and whipped topping.
OUR SPECIALTY CHOCOLATE MINI CAKE NATURALLY AND ARTIFICIALLY FLAVORED #19184 2.4 OZ 24 Naturally and Artificially Flavored Chocolate Snack Cake
OUR SPECIALTY CHOCOLATE PARFAIT CUP #18213 4.5 OZ 8 Chocolate parfait with chocolate crumb, chocolate mousse, and whipped topping.
OUR SPECIALTY CINNAMON MINI CAKE #19185 2.4 OZ 24 Cinnamon Snack Cake
OUR SPECIALTY COOKIE PARFAIT CHOC W/ VAN WHIPPED TOPPING PORTION CUPS ART FLV #06430 3.25 OZ 8 Cookie Parfait with Vanilla Whipped Topping artificially flavored
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