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22213_grid_image ASSORTED DINNER ROLLS 240CT #22213 1.25 OZ 240 A variety of traditional recipes baked carefully for a crisp crust and soft interior.
18677_grid_image ASSORTED ROLLS-CIABATTA/FRENCH/SEEDED/MULTIGRAIN #18677 2 OZ 96 Assorted Artisan Rolls offered in 1.8 oz servings, this variety pack includes many options ranging from French, Seeded French, Ciabatta & Multigrain.
18815_grid_image BAGUETTE SANDWICH ROLLS #18815 11.25 OZ 32 Artisan French Baguette offered in 11.25 oz loaves, long, thin loaves of French bread commonly made from basic lean dough.
29319_grid_image BAKED BUN BRIOCHE #29319 3 OZ 80 True brioche bun, soft and light-textured bread made with eggs and butter. Fully baked format.
08862_grid_image BOLILLO ROLL DOUGH #08862 3 OZ 168 Bolillo roll dough.
17243_grid_image CHEESE HAMBURGER ROLL DOUGH #17243 2.15 OZ 218 Soft hamburger roll dough with cheese mixed in dough approx. 6" long. Proof-and-bake format.
13416_grid_image CHEESE SWIRL ROLL DOUGH #13416 4 OZ 120 A unique cheese swirl roll dough. Each curl of the dough contains shredded cheddar cheese. Bakes off with a light bread texture with an abundance of cheese flavour.
18703_grid_image CIABATTA ARTISAN BREAD #18703 19 OZ 15 Artisan Ciabatta Loaf offered in 19 oz loaves, hybrid of focaccia and panini, with a crisp crust and a soft, porous texture.
18894_grid_image CIABATTA ARTISAN BREAD WITH BAG #18894 19 OZ 15 Artisan Ciabatta Loaf offered in 19 oz loaves, hybrid of focaccia and panini, with a crisp crust and a soft, porous texture.
08969_grid_image CINNAMON LOAF DOUGH #08969 18.25 OZ 24 Soft, sweet bread dough made with rich cinnamon. Proof and bake format.
22553_grid_image CLASSIC SOURDOUGH DINNER ROLL #22553 1.5 OZ 150 Classic Sourdough Dinner rolls have a mild sour flavor, with a soft interior and crispy crust. Perfect for pairing with your meal, in a convenient 1.5 oz size.
18772_grid_image COMO BATARD ARTISAN BREAD WITH BAG #18772 19.25 OZ 18 Como Artisan Batard offered in 19.25oz loaves, shorter, wider and taller than traditional baguettes.
18790_grid_image COUNTRY FRENCH ARTISAN BREAD #18790 12 OZ 25 Country French Artisan Batard offered in 12 oz loaves, providing on-trend artisan bread offerings.
22048_grid_image COUNTRY WHITE CARVING LOAF #22048 40 OZ 6 A soft, traditional white bread with distinct flavor and light, rustic flour dusting on a golden crust for an upscale twist on sandwiches.
19663_grid_image CRANBERRY WALNUT ARTISAN BATARD #19663 17 OZ 18 Specialty Cranberry Walnut Bread, perfect for any meal or snack. Parbaked and easy to handle, this bread is great to sell at retail or can be served at your favorited restaurant.
22510_grid_image CROWN BRETON #22510 5.2 OZ 34 Ideal for sharing, this unique crown-shaped roll made from classic French dough is hand cut for a distinct rustic appearance.
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