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Product Product Code Master Unit Size Case Pack Description
22510_grid_image CROWN BRETON #22510 5.2 OZ 34 Ideal for sharing, this unique crown-shaped roll made from classic French dough is hand cut for a distinct rustic appearance.
05295_grid_image DINNER ROLL DOUGH MADE WITH WHOLE GRAINS #05295 2.1 OZ 180 Soft wheat dinner roll. Retarder-to-oven format.
18844_grid_image DUTCH CRUNCH SANDWICH ROLLS #18844 6.5 OZ 48 Dutch Crunch Artisan Sandwich Roll offered in 6.5 oz servings, turn any sandwich or burger into a gourmet offering with this sandwich carrier.
03319_grid_image EXACT BAKE RETARDER TO OVEN WHITE BOLILLO ROLL DOUGH #03319 3 OZ 168 White bolillo roll, RTO formulas for ease and efficiency.
06699_grid_image FAMILY PAK BULK WHITE BREAD DOUGH #06699 16 OZ 40 Traditional white bread loaf. Proof-and-bake format.
18659_grid_image FILONE SUB ROLL DOUGH #18659 9 OZ 30 Filone Artisan Batard offered in 8.25 oz loaves, providing on-trend artisan bread offerings.
84327_grid_image FOCACCIA BUN-SLICED #84327 2.65 OZ 60 Rustic savory Italian flatbread with open and airy crumb and pale crust. Made with olive oil yeast notes and Italian seasonings. Oval-shaped and sliced approx. 5.8in long by 4.8in wide. Fully baked format.
23023_grid_image FRENCH ALPINE 48 CT #23023 4.5 OZ 48 Classic French-style bread with hand-scored crust, soft interior and wide shape for bulky sandwiches in a convenient 48-count case size.
22291_grid_image FRENCH ALPINE 64CT #22291 4.5 OZ 64 Created for generously sized sandwiches, this classic French-style bread offers a delicious crispy bite and moist interior.
18660_grid_image FRENCH BAGUETTE ARTISAN BREAD #18660 17.75 OZ 12 Artisan French Baguette offered in 17.75 oz loaves, long, thin loaves of French bread commonly made from basic lean dough.
22202_grid_image FRENCH BAGUETTE, 8.75 OZ #22202 8.75 OZ 25 This classic crusty baguette is delicious on its own and is also an ideal canvas for sandwiches and appetizers.
22228_grid_image FRENCH BATARD 18.5" #22228 8.75 OZ 20 This classic French batard is a versatile option for sandwiches, bread baskets and appetizers with beautiful open-flared scoring.
03033_grid_image FRENCH BREAD DOUGH #03033 19.5 OZ 24 Proof and bake, yeast-raised french bread dough. Light, crusty bread with a soft texture. Versatile enough for savory or sweet applications, including pizza, French Toast or sandwich carriers.
18831_grid_image FRENCH DEMI BAGUETTE ARTISAN BREAD #18831 5.75 OZ 40 French Demi Artisan Baguette offered in 5.75 oz loaves, turn any sandwich or burger into a gourmet offering with this sandwich carrier.
22205_grid_image FRENCH MINI BAGUETTE, 5 OZ #22205 5 OZ 48 A crusty baguette with a moist interior and scored crust perfectly sized for large deli-style sandwiches or sliced for appetizers.
24008_grid_image FRENCH PARISIAN 13.25 OZ #24008 13.25 OZ 15 Hand-scored for a unique appearance, this classically French long bread is a versatile option with its soft interior and thin, crisp crust.
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